Horticulture - Characters

Seed & Time Harvest

Due to the pandemic (Covid-19), we have been all affected by death one way or another.
Grief, depression, loneliness, isolation and dying alone and the lack of family members as support have been devastating. 
Utilizing the principles of agriculture as a point of reference that will help to  better understand the commonality of process.

Principles of Harvest 

Our Reaping May Come in Different Seasons

The seed planter knows that the harvest is always greater than the seed planted.
The farmer understands the field must be maintained regularly to provide good conditions that promote healthy growth and fruitful plants.
Nature encompasses death and rebirth: consequently it reflects the mysteries of life.
We have designed a series of sculptural, textile flower characters that will not fade.
These characters can be viewed as silent companions in memory of deceased loved ones.
It is our hope that these horticultural flowers can bring a sense of comfort and companionship at a time of grief.
They can be used as articulated toys or decor wherever  you are.
They can be considered as reliable companions.