Mr. Crescent Moon

Mr. Crescent Moon

Brownstone Playhouse

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Mr . Crescent Moon

Journey over Brooklyn,

Waxing crescent moon,

Traveling high and low,

Searching the night sky for a sleeping place,

Hoovering over brownstones at a quiet pace,

Oh, Mr. Crescent Moon close your eyes,

Your glow does so hypnotize.


Soft Sculpture, heirloom
Effortless hand stitching,
Handmade with sensibility”.
100% cotton
*Articulated fingers.
*Product is not a toy.
Handmade heirlooms are cut to order.  Allow 1 week for shipment
Cancellations must be made within 24hrs of the original order.

*Handmade heirlooms shown in the photo are examples; all creations do not look exactly alike.
Our heirlooms are as unique as the customer receiving it.
* brownstone not included