Fern Featherlite

Fern Featherlite

Brownstone Playhouse

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Fern Featherlite, (Breukelen Row Family) 

Fern Featherlite,

 is a calm, tender, kind-hearted, pays great attention to detail,
swan and a gardener of sorts. 
Often in his own world with nature and his prized garden. 
He cultivates beautiful, colourful varieties of flowers.
He names them  according to smell, shape, mood and personality. 
Fern is not alone for looking after the prized garden, he is accompanied and supported by Ms. Featherlite the love of his life.
Backpack: Fern comes with a backpack, 
which turns into My Petite Maison sleeping bag.
Outfit: Jumper, 100% cotton
 two side pockets. Leather upcycled straps.
Jumper is also lined.