Milady has worked in the film and television industry designing pret-a-porter clothing, costumes and film sets. Her love for developing and understanding characters and their surroundings in day-to-day living, literature and in motion pictures has become her substratum.
Brownstone Playhouse designs are limited edition “heirlooms” that inspire handmade,  couture/rag dolls, playhouses and soft art sculptures and home textiles.
The company began out of a need to create a playhouse that resembled Milady's own brownstone home. After searching the market for a replica of a “brownstone” for her children to play in. Milady designed the playhouse and developed the brand
“Brownstone Playhouse”.
The couture/rag dolls, arrived later, becoming the emphasis of home life and pretend play. The family of dolls  represent various aspects of "home" style living.
*Bedroom: The Bergen Family
Kitchen: The Cook Family
Living Room: The Bedford Family
Garden: The Evergreen Family
Milady has always been inspired by folktales, fairy tales and fables.
 Those stories bring characteristics of culture, customs and global references. Fairy tales and fable authors who have influenced Milady's creations  are:
English writer, Beatrix Potter, "Peter Rabbit"
Danish writer and poet, Hans Christian Andersen, "The Little Match Girl"
French writer, Charles Perrault, "Mother Goose"
French poet, Jean de LaFontaine," The grasshopper and the Ant"
 Aesops' Fables, *(a slave, 16th century BC, Ancient Greece) ,
"The town mouse and the country Mouse"
to name a few.

These unique works of art can be admired at any age.